Many punters will explore gambling reviews for sportsbook, casino sites, bingo sites and poker platforms (you’re here aren’t you?). Many bettors don’t know the truth behind these online review sites focusing on gambling. Well, until now anyway. I’ve spent many years working in the gambling industry from low level jobs to high level jobs. Gambling sites refer to these review sites as ‘Affiliates’, that’s because they are affiliated with them in a way to benefit both the gambling operator and the affiliate themselves.

I’ll explain how it works

Online gambling sites gain a lot of customers through affiliates. This is because potential players go on a gambling review site and click through to the casino. If that player registers and deposits then the affiliate will receive a fee. These fees are negotiated and can hit be quick generous. In many cases, a revenue share is often agreed. If an affiliate has agreed a 7% revenue share for players and the player goes on to wager £7,000 on the site, the affiliate will receive £700.

Affiliate gambling sites generate over £1.3 billion every year. By the way, even the biggest of gambling review sites are affiliates. AskGamblers? Yes. There is only one review site that isn’t feeding you information to persuade you to click through and earn them money, and you’re already on it.

Gambling Reviews

Where do these gambling reviews come from?

The simple answer is this. Anywhere. I worked as a copywriter for a betting site many years ago and I was creating the reviews. I’m not going to create a bad review on my own company, am I? More often than not the reviews come directly from the gambling operator. I’ve even seen first-hand, mistakes or a few cons purposely put in to make the review look more authentic.

A lot of the time, these successful affiliate sites are outsourcing their gambling reviews to freelancers. These are most likely people who once held a copywriter role at a gambling firm. These reviews are usually created based on other reviews scattered around the internet but freshened up with their style of writing and some new headings. Never is there product testing.

Gambling Reviews

Why am I on this ‘gambling review site’?

You’re here because all are reviews are completely legit and there is no other motive than to supply the everyday punter with the right information. I am an everyday punter myself. All the reviews on this site on written by one person. Me. I’ve worked for many gambling companies and I gamble myself on a daily basis at least. I’m here to deliver honest information about sports betting. I hope you’ll appreciate it!

Gambling companies and Trustpilot

We all know what Trustpilot is, right? The review platform that’s open to the public so you can usually vent your anger at a gas company or a casino brand because you lost money. I’ll tell you how this works:

When customers start placing negative gambling reviews, let’s face it, we’re more inclined to write negative reviews than positive ones. These negative reviews build up and starts making the brand look bad, especially when Trustpilot ranks very well on Google. So, they pay TrustPilot to send invites to a list of players or customers that they provide themselves. This in turn, dilutes the reviews and likely presents a positive review result. This is because the review invites are targeted at happy customers.