Spread betting has become supremely popular in recent year and now we have a number of online sports betting brands targeting spread betting punters with their product.

The biggest difference between spread betting and regular betting, is the amount of risk taken on by the punter. Any punter taking part in spread betting will be wagering with significantly more risk than a punter making the same wager at a standard sportsbook.

This risk is down to how spread bets are won or lost. In a standard 1×2 bet where the outcome is a win or loss but with Spread Betting, you a rewarded or penalized based on how the bet performed.

The spread bet is open to a range of different outcomes. It still uses familiar markets like over/under and point spreads, you have no set total stake. The amount you win or lose is based on the amount of your stake and the accuracy of your betting prediction. 

Let’s break it down:

A punter places a bet of £30 on 14 corners of more in a football game, if that game ends up with 18 corners taken during the game, it was a successful bet won by 4 corners.

As a result, the punter is awarded 4x the original stake, for a total of £120.

But if it was a losing bet…

If the game had only 9 corners taken, then the punter has lose by 5 corners and will owe £150.

The Risk in Spread Betting

You can see that spread betting is highly volatile and very risky, something the casual punter should probably avoid.

Any punter can sustain some big losses here but on the flip side, spread betting can be extremely profitable and that’s why it has become a very popular form of sports betting in recent years.

If spread betting is a little too risky for you then maybe you should take a look at exchange betting which offers high value without the massive risk!