Asian Handicap Betting Explained

You’ve probably heard of this popular betting method. But, what is Asian handicap betting exactly?

The betting method creates a handicap so that the chances of a certain team winning are evened out. Most of the time one team will be favoured to another, even if the difference is minimum.

How does Asian handicap betting work?

Handicap betting is primarily used in football/soccer bets. An example of a handicap in football might be that the dominant team has to score more goals in order to win (obviously) but there is a goal threshold on the less dominant team, e.g. they “begin the game” 1-0 up. In basketball or a sport that often has higher point scoring, the dominant team will have to win by a certain margin. The difference is determined by these factors:

  • Previous performance
  • Form
  • Financial strength
  • Home field advantage
  • Player availability – suspensions or injuries

It basically creates a match-up where the chance of either team winning is even, do it’s like the flip of a coin.

Advantages of Asian Handicap Betting

An Asian handicap betting system can be implemented where the odds are potentiality in your favour, and not the sportsbook. This gives you the edge and an opportunity to make more money from Asian handicap betting.

You can place a bet on the underdog at even odds. It wouldn’t be a wise bet to do this with a traditional betting setup.

The thing that punters love about Asian handicap betting is that it allows the bet to be flexible by evening the playing field. This is the main reason why they would go with Asian handicap betting.

Types of Asian Handicap Betting

Full goal

This is when a whole number is used to give the underdog a head start. For instance, a negative value is giving to the favoured team, or a positive value is placed on the underdog.

Half goal

This is when half integers are used to give a certain team an advantage. With this, a draw is eliminated and that means there can only be two outcomes – a win or a loss.

Quarter goal

The quarter goal Asian handicap uses quarters in order to manipulate the event outcome so that it’s an even match-up. This means there are four possible outcomes – a win, loss, half win and half loss. This adds another dimension to betting that you can be a tricky one to get. 

What are Asian handicap betting tips?

This type of betting is all about working out when the handicap has been assigned to the match that seems generous. If a decent handicap has been given to a certain team, then you can capitalise on that and bet on them to win. It’s all about spotting the odds that don’t seem justified and taking advantaged.